South Korea 2013: Myeong-Dong Art Market, Bar Da

We chanced upon the Myeong-Dong Art Market while strolling down the streets of Hongdae my first day in Seoul. The market is a collection of artists, music, and crafts. Some of the tables were so interesting, with some pretty, pretty things. It was super crowded though, so I didn’t take too many photos.

I got this awesome badge! I love his beer opener characters. They live at the artist’s website.
Wandered around Hongdae.
Wearing H&M dress, Forever 21 necklace, Dr. Martens boots. Photo assist: Scott.
We marveled at the incongruous and innovative parking lot in the vicinity.
This was Beth’s favourite street stall food.
Served in a paper cup split down the sides.
Bar Da is this hole-in-a-wall gem tucked inconspicuously in Hongdae’s busy streets. It’s located at the second storey, as what I’ve come to notice seems to be the norm in Korea- I’d often see shop signs surrounding suspicious-looking narrow stairwells, indicating restaurants and other places of interest located above or below ground. As a bonus, Bar Da has free wifi, not to mention the kind of awesome I’d want to be if I were an inanimate space.
Love the design.
Anchovies and roasted nuts complimentary for the table. No one else liked anchovies, so I gladly guzzled them up.
The company.