South Korea 2013: Godabang Cat Cafe

Scott and I visited Godabang Cat Cafe which was sandwiched in the middle of Hongdae, Seoul. Scott is very much a cat person, having two of his own. I on the other hand, have never kept cats, only dogs, despite liking both.

A Garfield mascot advertising the cat cafe nearby.
The first thing that we had to do after entering the cafe was to switch our shoes out for indoor slippers at the doorway; as is the case with most Korean establishments I’ve encountered, boots are a major inconvenience in this country. After that, we entered the cafe proper through the swinging door. Hand sanitiser and a sink with soap are situated right next to the door, so it’s very convenient to clean up before and after the visit.
The ‘entrance fee’ was about $8, which was the price of the mandatory drink that we each had to get. Not bad considering that there was no limit as to how long we could stay.
Drinks paid for, we got a sheet of paper with cute illustrations stating the big no-no’s at this cafe regarding the cats. And then, like the feline residents, we were free to roam.
It just so happened that we arrived at the right time when the cats were to be fed! After the initial feeding from a staff member, she went round the cafe plopping wet cat food onto our hands, so that everyone got to bribe feed the cats.
Scott was enamored by this Scottish Fold.
I love its stripes.