South Korea 2013: Andong Maskdance Festival

I went to the Andong Maskdance Festival on my last weekend in Korea. It is, as its namesake, an event celebrating masks and dances from all over the world.

A real wedding ceremony was held on the main grounds.
Wearing Forever 21 dress, Dr. Martens boots, T-shirt & Jeans bag. Photo by: Scott.
We got tickets for a traditional masked performance.
There were various acts for just S$2, but we left early after about half an hour of not understanding them. The performances had live instruments and the gags were pretty much understandable. However, I still couldn’t figure out what exactly I was watching despite the brochure’s summaries in English that was given out. It was entertaining to see that one act where the father and child tricked the gods though.
I ate a corndog.
Scott chilled with some people his mental age.
This kind shopkeeper offered me a huge piece of laver just because. 😀
Mural outside the grounds.