South Korea 2013: Trick Eye Museum, Ice Museum

Scott and I visited the Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae (my favourite place in Seoul). The Trick Eye Museum is an interactive space utilising trompe-l’œil (trick of the eye), so it was pretty amusing to put ourselves into make-believe absurd situations.

There’s the Ice Museum too, so we went for that first. Blankets are supplied for the Ice Museum, though Scott declined one, claiming to not need it since he’s inclined towards cooler temperatures, having lived in a place which, when I went there in January, had a record low of -28°C one morning. Anyway, he’d been here earlier in the year when Jeff and Dominique visited for their honeymoon, so he knew that he didn’t need it. Showoff.

I folded the blanket that I was using to be my sled down the ice slide! It was scary because the ice was so slippery, and I didn’t want to accidentally slip and end up with an important body part lodged at the end of the slide, where weird and potentially painful protrusions formed a barrier around it. The guy making a V-sign belonged to a group of Malaysians or Singaporeans! They had the home accent.
On to some trick of the eye shenanigans.
Say goodbye to your intestines!
So this is my taking-a-plane-home outfit for my Korea trip, wearing Cotton On dress, Romwe leggings, Thrifted cardigan, Universal Studios Harry Potter cap, Dr. Martens boots, T-shirt & Jeans bag. Photo assist: Scott.