South Korea 2013: Sangju Bukcheon Battleground

One of the places that I really wanted to visit when I was in Sangju was the site of the Bukcheon Battleground in the 1592 Imjin War. I had spied it atop a hill on the way to school the first week I was there; truth be told, it was worrying when YY-sem told me what it was– the idea of ghosts terrify me to death, and a battlefield did seem like fertile grounds for such phantoms. Well the only apparitions that existed were in my overactive imagination (as usual), though I did have a shock when I saw mannequins depicting a scene in one of the buildings; the place was beautiful, in any case.

It was enjoyable having that much free time and having next to no one- save for an old man taking an afternoon walk- in the vicinity while I set up my tripod to take some photos. The scenery was so calm and pretty, what with the mountains in the background and sparkling waters all around.

First, a couple of architecture shots from Sangju as I meandered my way towards the site.
Not sure if I was trespassing tbh.
The Taepyeongru at the site is such a pretty tower.
View of Sangju from the second storey of Taepyeongru.
Wearing Urban Outfitters top, Dr. Martens boots, La Marelle necklace.
There’s a small museum in one of the buildings showing authentic weapons and texts from the battle.
Dragonflies are all over Sangju. Dragonflies are my favourite insect, though I’m still loathe to touch them. Kwan Jang Nim’s ten year old daughter chased me with a dragonfly she caught after Hapkido once. It was scary, and it didn’t help that she’s a black belt and unbelievably acrobatic, if her aerial cartwheels are anything to go by.