Singapore 2014: Klarity Beauty Brunch at Salt Grill & Sky Bar

I had the pleasure of an invite to the exclusive Klarity Beauty Brunch media party at the Salt Grill & Sky Bar last week. This was the new skincare brand’s launch in Singapore, and I was pretty excited because it was the first time that I had heard of a halal-certified skincare product. Additionally, their products are paraben-free and developed in Korea. Klarity launched with two product lines- the V-line Series and Miracle White Series, which I got to learn more about during the event.

At the end of it all, I have to give a shoutout to Publicist PR for planning such a beautiful event. I couldn’t get a good view of the beauty panel because of my seating arrangement, but the ambience of the venue made up for it, and I appreciated how they went round taking feedback from us. Thank you ladies!

Salt Grill & Sky Bar is situated on the 55th storey of Orchard ION, offering a great view of downtown Singapore. It was so cool that my seat was right next to the ceiling-to-floor window offering such a view
The CC Miracle White Lotion was touted as an all-in-one CC cream for the busy professional, boasting a sunscreen factor of SPF30, whitening, and also its inclusion of diamond powder and wild rosehip extract. It was also claimed to be better suited to Singapore’s humid weather than the BB creams I use, and I could see why; the white-coloured cream was much lighter in texture, which became sheer after I spread it on my skin. I voiced my concerns about coverage to a representative, and she assured me that it does its job covering slight skin blemishes.
The innovative Lasertox V-line Shape Up was very intriguing. It claims to achieve a V-shaped face by contouring the jaw line via accelerated fat reduction in specific areas. All one has to do is to apply the kit for thirty minutes everyday for one week to achieve results. I suspect that my wide jaw line is a result of bone structure as opposed to fatty tissue, so I doubt it will have much effect on me, but since my goodie bag came with a one-day Lasertox V-line Slim Up mask, I’m torn between trying it out for curiosity’s sake or giving it to someone who might want it more.
The high domed ceilings were so pretty at the venue.
A beauty panel was held in which Klarity founder Karine and rising local artiste Julie Tan were guests. I have to admit that I had to enlist the help of newfound blogger friends Jessie and ShuQ to update me on Julie Tan’s body of work, seeing as I’ve been out of touch with local television.
I wasn’t actually expecting sit-down food, being as the event was scheduled from 10am to 12pm, so it came as a pleasant surprise when I got assigned a table and found a menu dedicated to yummy yummy goodness. And it wasn’t because I was influenced by free food; I actually found myself wanting to bring Scott here when he visits in the future.
Entree was a delicious spread of Kingfish Sashimi garnished with a perfect bit of citrusy sweetness, coupled with a flute of sparkling wine.
My Main was a Portugese Baby Chicken (juicy and tender) and the other choice being Grilled Barramundi, which according to Jessie was soft enough to forgo a knife with.
Each chocolate pop came in a waffle cup that was lined with white chocolate, and the pop consisted of an inner core of melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate encased in a harder shell which was then dusted in edible gold. I couldn’t resist snagging my fourth helping from Jessie when she offered.
Goodie bag.
I got the official photographer to shoot some pictures of me next to the giant iridescent cut-out with my phone since he was already documenting it on his camera. Thank you Mr. Photographer!
Wearing Uniqlo top, Target cardigan, Zara pants, Taobao pants, Gentlefawn bag, Gap glasses.
I had a hard time selecting what to wear for the event, since I had a formal appointment shortly after it, and it didn’t make economic sense to do a complete wardrobe change. So what I did was to dress in a top that could be layered for later, leaving the bottoms unchanged (I was banking on creative leeway for the later appointment). I simply discarded my cardigan and wore this blouse over my Uniqlo top for my next appointment, and I think it made quite the difference.