Singapore 2014: VanityTrove Get, Snap, Blingo Party

I had the pleasure of an invitation to the exclusive VanityTrove Get, Snap, Blingo Project Launch Party recently, an event held at Zouk celebrating the launch of the VanityTrove app- a social networking portal for the beauty and fashion community. I managed to snag a couple of plus ones for Deb and Jac, my go-to stylish friends, and it was so fun! The theme was Modern Hippie Chic, otherwise known as a good excuse to wear me some headbands.

Local artiste Erin Lim was our beautiful host.
The desserts by Creme Berry were way too nommy… the booth was cleaned out in a matter of minutes.
Me and Deb as thumbs and macarons.
The wonderful array of cakes from Emicakes. Deb and I shared a durian Push ‘N’ Pop, because what is the meaning of bad breath?
We also got ourselves some soy ice cream from Soyato. Deb got a Green Tea and Honey Lemon, while I got a Green Tea and Chocolate, right next to my second glass of whiskey I whisked away from a passing waiter (hur hur). Anyway, soy ice cream isn’t exactly to my taste, but it was an interesting experience nonetheless.
We took a lot of selfies while waiting for Jac.
Jac and I with our drinks!
This was our half-hearted attempt at playing the bingo game. The representative at SkinInc took our picture at the booth just in case we wanted to complete four other activities for a chance to win a prize. We didn’t, opting to explore at our leisure.
Amazing unicorn balloon sculpture by Jocelyn Balloons.
There were unclaimed pictures lying around at the photo booth, and I got away with the macarons one after Deb and Jac forbade me from taking the portraitures because apparently that was creepy.
We got surprisingly juicy goodie bags at the end of the day, the cap on VanityTrove’s efforts in putting on a huge production with this party. It was great!
Wearing Uniqlo top, Forever 21 cardigan, Boyholic knit skirt, Paris Kids headband, Dr. Martens classic 1460 boots, Guess eyewear.
DIY glow-in-the-dark nail polish base with silver accents.
Glow-in-the-dark nail polish in action!