Singapore 2014: National Day Parade Rehearsal

Happy 49th National Day, Singapore! Ru managed to procure some tickets for the third National Day Parade rehearsal via her brother this year, so she invited Ai and I to enjoy the celebrations. It was so much fun! This year was such a great improvement over the couple of shows I’ve been to way back when- there wasn’t a need to bring our own binoculars for one, and the goodie bags were so generous and thoughtful in terms of sustaining the spectators via food and drink throughout the 4+ hours of national pride performances.

Me, Ru, and Ai taking a selfie for the sole purpose of capturing the National Service men behind us.
The Singapore flag being flown in during the singing of our national anthem.
Perfect view of the Marina Bay Sands amid colourful smoke from fireworks.
Pretty cool view of the Central Business District too.
1 2 3 glow-in-the-dark!
Our lion head.
Those long screens made such perfect displays for our ubiquitous HDB apartments.
Saw my cousin rap.
The camera crew even managed to catch one particularly patriotic spectator in tears.
The fireworks were amazing. I was impressed by how frequent they peppered the parade, as opposed to just one bout at the end of the night.
The funpack and all the goodies crammed into it.