Singapore 2014: Bank Art Fair

I scored some cool VIP invites to the second Bank Art Fair held in Singapore last week, courtesy of Daryl Goh who was exhibiting. Naturally, Ai and Ru were my art appreciation go-tos. Having had toiled through years of art foundation and history together, it was inevitable that we’d have formed a bond over matters in which making a reference to certain long-dead artists or styles wouldn’t be lost… although we do have a penchant to get excited over the weirdest things as well, which makes for interesting discussions when we find ourselves in the presence of something kitsch and love it.

I loved the concept of using unconventional spaces as exhibition places. The Bank Art Fair was held at the Pan Pacific Hotel this year, every room an intimate gallery filled with various artworks that were creatively displayed. It was an insight of sorts as to how each gallery operated- some spaces were thoughtfully-decorated, while others tried to cram as many pieces as they could within the strained confines.

Photo by: Ru.
The back-lit result of displaying these gestural drawings on the window were quite pretty.
This arrangement tickled me, how the individual pieces were placed in a way that resembled the human body laying on the hotel bed.
This beautiful moonlit painting is one of my favourites from the fair.
Cool leather handbags among paintings of tigers and awesome triangular frames.
Artwork by Jeon Gyu Jin. This mesmerising piece was another favourite, ropes consisting of lines within lines.
Lithograph on paper by Elling Reitan.
Ferret in Falling Flowers by Matsuyama Ken, oil on canvas.
Selfie in front of the Singapore Flyer.
Horizontal Void by Daryl Goh, Lightbox Photography.
Layer Sunflower by Lee Seung Oh, paper painting.
It was a fun night, one I was glad to have spent trading quips and thoughts over the art market in Asia. Thank you Ai and Ru for your company, and definitely to Daryl for the tickets! Photo by: Ru.