Singapore 2014: Oktoberfest The Beer Garden

Deb invited me to an Oktoberfest party, The Beer Garden, at the Fullerton hotel a while back. It being a festival where alcohol was a prerequisite, it was pretty hard to say no. That, and it had been a while since we caught up. Yea let’s go with that. It was my first time going to any kind of Oktoberfest, though it does conjure up images of drinking on a grassy bank alongside a chilly river with lots of song and dance. So it was slightly worrying when it drizzled the afternoon of; I didn’t want to get mud on my canvas sneakers! The Beer Garden ended up being held within the Fullerton Hotel compound with tents to shield against the rain that still lingered, so my shoes were safe from the elements.

Monetary transactions were limited to the counter where we bought coupons to purchase food and drinks (which were highly-inflated, I might add).
Plate of Bavarian Sausage, a pretzel, and two Erdinger beers.
Me and Deb!
A weird, drunken version of beer pong happened.
We met these two cuties on the dance floor! And I finally got to see Deb dance! I had a great time.
We needed a table to eat at, so we found one that a couple of Japanese exchange students were occupying, and subsequently got around to chatting with them. Eventually an official photograper came round to take a photo.
Photographer: You can find your photo on STOMP.
Deborah & me: STOMP?!?!!
Way to go our STOMP debut.

Photo by: STOMP, the local scandal and shame website, which we didn’t know operated an arm covering the club scene in Singapore.
Photo by: STOMP.
Wearing H&M dress, Steve Madden bag, Stance socks c/o Shopbop, Puma x McQ shoes c/o Shopbop.