Japan 2017: Tokyo Art Center Alfons Mucha & Yayoi Kusama Exhibitions

Our main itinerary for the day was to visit the two featured exhibits at the Tokyo National Art Center – the much-anticipated Alfons Mucha exhibit and Yayoi Kusama exhibit.

But first, a cup of hot cocoa at the center to get us going for the next hour or so.
Unsure of how much time we’d have for both exhibits, we hit the Alfons Mucha exhibit first, since that was the one that I really wanted to see, and I heard that Singapore was up to host a Yayoi Kusama exhibit later in the year anyway.
There were many varied pieces in the Alfons Mucha exhibit, but what really stood out were the Slav Epic paintings. It was so surreal seeing them in person, more so in Japan of all places considering the controversy regarding the movement of this epic series.
We wound up treating our eyes to a mess of psychedelic colours next, in Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul.
There was a small room that allowed audience interaction – everyone with a ticket got to go in and adhere the sheet of circle stickers onto any surface in the room.
So I didn’t know that Scott had been pasting the stickers on me?! Photo by: Scott.
Photo assist: Scott.
Outfit photo at a reflection-gasmic structure leading to Shibuya Mark City that we would pass by to and fro our lodgings. Wearing Topshop top, Zaful sunglasses & choker, Scott’s hoodie, Gamiss bomber jacket, Sammy Icon socks, Penshoppe pants, Paperplanes sneakers. Photo assist: Scott.