Japan 2017: Yuri!!! On Ice at NAMJATOWN & Animate

I dedicated one day in our Japan trip for fangirling, much to Scott’s chagrin. Yuri!!! on Ice brought me back to fandom after it captured my heart with its beautiful character styles, ice-skating sequences, and catchy original songs. It’s honestly one of the more consistently quality anime I’ve watched in a while, and it doesn’t hurt that it promotes a healthy (well, kinda) same sex relationship without resorting to tired-out tropes.

Namja Town hosted a limited time Yuri on Ice exhibit, so of course I had to pay it a visit even though I’d been there before. The indoor theme park has shrunk significantly since, but still worth a visit for 500 yen per person.
Photo by: Scott.
After Namja Town, we headed to Animate, where I slowly went over each floor simply to gush over all the things I couldn’t buy. Traveling and living light nowadays severely cuts down on unnecessary baggage. Look at all the YOI merch!
Shelves of YOI R-rated doujins heehee.
Velvet was the theme of my travel style for Tokyo, so this day was no exception as I donned my Shein crushed velvet slip and matched it with a pair of kitty socks. I’d been eyeing this window of light at our Airbnb in Shibuya, so of course photos were taken there. These were some of my favourite shots from the trip. Photo assist: Scott.
Wearing Shein dress, Dresslily socks & rings, Gamiss jacket, vintage earrings. Photo assist: Scott.
I got a pretty nice shot of Scott while framing the photo.