Book It Out: Picture This by Molly Bang


Answered the call to create digital content – a book talk and video targeted at adults – during the Singapore Circuit Breaker period (7 April–1 June 2020), amidst the closure of public libraries during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Within the limitations of my home, I selected an appropriate design book, designed a book-related activity, created the storyboard, filmed and edited the video, and branded the video under library@orchard as The Designer’s Bookshelf: Librarian Picks, which was intended to be launched within a month during the June school holidays.

The video was picked up by the National Library Board (NLB) marketing team and re-worked under the video series Book It Out, where I communicated with the team to edit the script and activity for the final video launched in November 2020 on the NLB Youtube.

Digital video pre-production (Procreate, Adobe Photoshop) & filming for initial video (Canon M6, iMovie).

Screenshots from the final video Book It Out: Art Composition.
Screenshots from the initial video The Designer’s Bookshelf: Librarian Picks.
Storyboard panels for The Designer’s Bookshelf, which was adapted for Book It Out.
Script and film setup for The Designer’s Bookshelf.