#CasuallyDrawnSynopsis: The Graveyard Apartment


The brief was to contribute to the Public Library Instagram series #CasuallyDrawnSynopsis Spooktober edition that would fit with previous posts rendered in red, black, and white. I was given a script for six panels and went beyond the brief by adding simple animation to the subtitle and in each of my frames. I also looked up the Japanese text to insert the family names on the tombstones as an easter egg.

The rationale for adding simple animation was to entice the viewer to stay on each frame longer in order to absorb the spooky recommendation. After my submission, the public library marketing team adopted the animated subtitle for other contributions for the Spooktober edition. They also started adding animated frames for future posts in the series.

Digital illustration & animation (Procreate).

My post on @publiclibrarysg Instagram.