• Outfit ft. M)phosis blouse, Something Borrowed dress, Dandelion Japanese Style Flower Pearl Earrings, Mr. Crush Teddy Bear Bouquet from Little Flower Hut.

    Teddy Bear Bouquet from Little Flower Hut + Giveaway

    It’s been a while! I was contacted by Little Flower Hut who offered me a chance to review their Teddy Bear Bouquet selection recently. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity since a teddy bear bouquet sounds like something different and interesting, and totally sets it apart from the a standard floral bouquet. I was given four teddy bear options to choose from: I chose Mr. Crush because I found it cute that the little red hearts at his feet matched the red flower heart in his hands. I also had plans to take some photos with a red dress that I’d acquired some time back but never had…


    Anime Eyes From Lens Circle

    I’m no stranger to cosmetic contact lenses, having favoured splurging on purple pupils since my teens. So when Lens Circle contacted me for a review of their lenses, I thought it was a great opportunity to try out the areas of cosmetic lenses that I’ve never ventured into before. The first pair that I got were these wacky Anime Circle Lenses. These are part of the Lens Circle Exclusive Series featuring designs such as cat eye, all-white, and even the famous Sharingan eyes from Naruto. The Exclusive Series is obviously meant for cosplay enthusiasts, but since I’m a casual hobbyist with only one cosplay under my belt, I decided to…


    Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas! I had the opportunity to score a couple of festive dresses with Femme Luxe, who reached out to me recently to style some dresses from their collection. To be honest, I was initially hesitant about the overtly sexy appeal of their collection and models, but hey, it was an opportunity to discover how these dresses would translate onto a frame that’s pretty much the opposite. In the spirit of experimentation, I also picked dresses that I’d normally not gravitate towards – plaid and cheetah prints, welcome to my wardrobe. I’m just very relieved that I didn’t wind up looking like I’d donned a tablecloth as I feared with plaid patterns!…