USA 2012: Weekend Trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon

I headed down to Las Vegas for a weekend trip to meet up with Ade, who was in town for a work trip, where we caught a performance by Cirque du Soleil and ventured out to see the Grand Canyon.

I had brought my film SLR along for the trip and took some shots of beautiful scenes.
Taken with my film SLR.
It was St. Patrick’s Day during the weekend, so a lot of people wore green that Saturday. My housemate scared me into packing something green because she said I would get pinched by strangers if I didn’t. Even Krispy Kreme had green-themed donuts! Photos by: Ade.
We were one of the first to get tickets for Cirque Du Soleil’s for that night! Tickets cost USD $165 per person. Photo by: Ade.
A sneak shot of the amazing rotating platform in the back of the stage. It was spectacular how the performers flew and climbed like spiders on gravity-defying vertical. Photo by: Ade.
What a beautiful theatre at the MGM Grand Hotel. Photo by: Ade.
Our original trip to the Grand Canyon was cancelled the day before, due to the 100% chance of precipitation. But Ade wouldn’t have any of that, and we managed to book another trip which said they would go, rain or shine. Our tour package included vouchers for entrance to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and for lunch at the ranch. Photo by: Ade.
Scenery en route to the Grand Canyon.
Looks like our precipitation turned white and fluffy.
Taken with my film SLR.
Grand Canyon Skywalk. We had to store all personal belongings in the lockers before entering the Skywalk. Photo by: Ade.
And a picture of us by their professional photographers at the Skywalk, with funky slippers over our shoes to protect the clarity of the glass we were walking on. Photo by: Ade.
Photo from: Ade.
Photo by: Ade.
Photo by: Ade.
And my favourite part of visiting the Grand Canyon: Horses! They were a lot larger than I had expected them to be. Photo by: Ade.
The people at the ranch let us take photographs sitting upon a placid, short horse for free. We had to sign a liability form first though. I noticed that the horse’s right eye was cast in a film of white, and I wondered aloud if it had cataracts. Apparently horses can get catarcts. Photo by: Ade.
Our tour also made a stop at Hoover Dam before we headed back down to Las Vegas.