Recoding Innovation: GINA & the Advancement of Genomics


Designed and composed graphic elements, in addition to creating an original font face, for the production of web documentary Recoding Innovation, a joint collaboration with UCLA REMAP and Eyes of the World Media Group. As part of the pre-production team for the film, I was part of the brainstorming team for the title, storyboarding, and creating graphical assets for the video.

Digital illustration and simple animation (Adobe Photoshop).

Stills from the video featuring my graphic assets.
Website mockup and graphic assets.
Some storyboards from stages of the project, including a cut idea of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Heads, choreography of green screen cards, and ideas for on-set graphics.
Final comic (left) and draft comic (right) illustrating how ethics guide innovation.
Comic idea drafts that illustrated the dual relationship of ethics and innovation.