Tradigital Mythmaking: Juan and the Magic Tree


Interned under professor H. Rall at the School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technological University for the story of Juan under the Tradigital Mythmaking project. As a development artist, I documented the lead designer C. Chua’s art style for the purpose of communicating the visual style of the project. I also ideated for concept and pre-production art beyond the scope of the visual style in explorations of the setup and characters. At the end of the project, I organised and compiled all files from the development artists for submission to the booklet designer. Artwork outlined in red are mine.

Traditional and digital illustration (colour pencils, Adobe Photoshop).

Background exploration in the visual style (bottom left), character expressions (top right).
Exploratory research on the types of forests for the background.
Exploratory research on backgrounds and a digital rendering of a meeting of characters.
Exploration of camera angles in a selected scene.
Animatic stills and character sketches.