The Expanse Cosplay: Eros Re-imagined


#TheExpanseCosplayWeek happened, so I dragged Scott into our first foray into cosplay. We adore The Expanse and thought that it would be cool to delurk and contribute to one of the massively underrated shows here. Conceptualised the cosplay theme and reimagined the first time that Miller and Mao met, in less tragic circumstances. Embarked on minor edits to costuming through sewing and embroidery, and engaged the help of a friend to shoot the photos with minor directions on my end.

The cosplay won Best Miller and Best Group Cosplay. Post-cosplay interview hosted on The Expanse Wiki.

Photography assist with some direction by: E. Luo (Canon 5D Mark II).

Digital darkroom (Capture One Pro).

Costume prep.
It took me approximately the length of five movies while I painstakingly embroidered these five letters. Embarrassing. I did however enjoy Killing Gunther and The Bitter Tea of General Yen.
Had to remove all the logos from the front and back pockets.
While I opted to leave the front pockets of my coveralls untouched, I did cover over the gold zipper with a black one. The belt proved to be more of a challenge, since bookstores no longer stock the old-school book straps that I wanted to use. Luckily, old-school craft and sewing stores are chockfull of cheap knick knacks, so I was able to fashion a belt from a roll of red webbing and one of a pair of buckles. Overall (heh), this was a pretty fun customisation project, but wow I have so much more respect for cosplayers now.

Ingredients for Julie Mao
Dickies coverall via RS Components (SGD $57.02), EZBuy Hair extensions (SGD $8.60 for 4), Elsie Departmental Store Nylon 25mm strap (SGD $2.50 for 5 yards) & 20mm buckle (SGD $1.50 for 2), Lye Nai Shiong 20cm black zipper (SGD $2.20), Uniqlo top, Steve Madden boots

Ingredients for Joe Miller
Mango shirt, Topman vest, G2000 pants, Dandelion fedora

Ingredients for Protomolecule
EZBuy blue fairylights (SGD $9 for 10 metres)