Singapore 2017: National Gallery Children’s Biennale

Ling visited Singapore again this year and I got to meet up with her when she did! This time we decided to go back to check out the Children’s Biennale. I also recently learnt that the National Gallery is abbreviated by some as ‘NaGa’?! I first heard it and thought that they were referring to a local snake farm.

Our first stop was at Sandra Lee’s The Enchanted Tree House.
I’d never heard of Sandra Lee before, but Ling had, and she was excited to find ourselves immersed in the colourful playscape.
Loved the little details everywhere.
We were the largest children in the area. We did a lot of crawling. Photos by: Ling.
Every edge was also covered in foam to make it childproof. Photo by: Ling.
Photo by: Ling.
The Obliteration Room by Yayoi Kusama was pretty filled up with stickers, since we had visited during the last leg of the exhibition.
Photo by: Ling.
Firewalk: A Bridge of Embers by Mark Justiani.
Photo by: Ling.
Photo by: Ling.
Lynn Lu’s Duplet. I refused to sit under the filthy cloud – we even found a long strand of hair from a previous participant!
Photo by: Ling.
In which we discussed the logo of the National Gallery. Photo by: Ling.
Wearing Something Borrowed top, Shein shorts, Paper Planes shoes, Firmoo glasses. Photo assist: Scott.