South Korea 2015: Nami Island

The morning of our trip to Nami Island brought snow, fat fluffy snow!!! It was the fluffiest I’d seen in all my (almost) 29 years of life living in summer.

So. Fat. And. Fluffy. Ahhhhhh..!!!
The morning sun and the bus we took to get from Seoul to Gapyeong. We were very grateful to the owner of Hotel Bonbon for organising this bus trip for us; their service was really the best thing of staying there!
The bus deposited us at the entrance of the Republic of Naminara, where we bought our entry tickets and boarded a ferry to the island of romance.
I couldn’t believe that they built igloos! Too bad the snow stopped by the time we reached and it was all melty…
Scott warming his hands over one of the many open fireplaces on the island.
A most interesting sight – a half-frozen stream.
We also found a spot decorated with an iconic image of Singapore!
Thatched huts and sculptures of early humans starting a fire. They scared me.
Peacock eating outside a food stall.
The both of us along the Metasequoia footpath.
Scott peering out a window of a small gallery.
Giant Yut in the gallery. We got introduced to the fun game at Annie-sem’s place!
A random book exchange stand we found.
‘Toilart’ kinda speaks for itself.
Despite all the cute and eco-friendly art, the most interesting piece had to be of this gigantic statue of a mother breastfeeding her child.
Photo assist: Scott.
Photo assist: Scott.
Wearing H&M coat, Marshalls shawl, Forever 21 cardigan, Urban Outfitters tights, McQ x Puma shoes. Photo assist: Scott.