South Korea 2015: Hotel Bonbon, Sights in Myeongdong

We stayed at Hotel Bonbon during our stay in Seoul this time round. Scott had stayed at Hotel Bonbon before, but couldn’t remember its name besides the fact that he loved talking to the owners. To his delight, we spied Hotel Bonbon situated right across Lotte Hotel when we lodged there the previous week! How serendipitous.

Word of caution: there’s no elevator, so those with huge heavy bags might want to beef up. The owner’s wife attempted to lug our medium-sized luggage up to level 4, but she was smaller than me and I felt really bad while she attempted to do so at her insistence. I managed to steal it back halfway because she was too winded. I’m stronger than what my stick arms suggest (probably not by much, but still).

Space was tight, which was what I’d expect for the price we paid for. The good part was that it was very clean and pretty cosy once I got used to the configuration. Clean towels were provided, as were soap and shampoo. Complimentary travel toothbrush packs, razers and bottled water were redeemable at the counter (one per person per day). Being semi eco-conscious, all we required everyday were the bottled water.
The bathroom was pretty typical of those I’ve seen in Korea, in which the shower rose would be connected to the basin.
Catching snippets of Running Man ep. 234 on TV. One thing I’d never experienced before in Korea was that Hotel Bonbon had a dedicated BBC channel! They also had a good number of English channels, which I guess would be unsurprising given that the owners had a good grasp of the language.
Scott and the manager, reunited. He and his family were incredibly helpful and kind, and helped us with the nitty gritty in our itinerary when we were there. Thank you!
Some foodings in our neighbourhood of Myeongdong: we had dessert at Korean Dessert Cafe seasonal promotion – strawberry bingsu!
Kimchi-jigae. I saw death attempting to eat this for lunch.
Bulgogi Brothers.
I finally got to try the twistie potatoes by the roadside!
It was so cold that my piping hot snack turned cold about halfway through.
I liked how cute the facade of this Chinese Restaurant referenced a chinese takeout box.
Even the police post was cute.
Outside Miss Lee Cafe.
All of you are Born as a Princess. This liner at an Etude House shop was so ridiculous.