Singapore 2017: Urban Revivo Media Launch

I was flattered to have received an invite out of the blue for the URBAN REVIVO media launch at Raffles City. Their new flagship store is pretty ambitious, with a wide variety of styles covering three floor spaces. Scott was my plus one, so we decided to have dinner before heading over at 8pm, right before the fashion runway show commenced.

I loved the plastic makeup on the models!
Having Scott as my plus one at these events usually spells a night of bickering over how different our tastes run. He likes the flimsy wool-blend grandpa coat I find no structure in whatsoever. I’m drawn to the embroidered pieces he detests because that’s grandma-by-association. I think that the only things we both agreed looked cool were shoes. It was fun to argue on our sartorial preferences. Doing so while becoming increasingly inebriated only served to make both of our points more vocal.
WE WERE PLYED WITH FOOD AND DRINKS BY CUTE WAITERS OMG. Yet somehow I managed to capture a very unflattering photo of the waiter and Scott; I blame the inebriation.
Finally meeting Jessthegrrl in the flesh! I first discovered her and fell in love with her deliberate, alternative style years ago – the raw honesty and fuck-the-world attitude she seems to seamlessly exude through her style is so refreshing without actually going into tropes. We ended up staying at the event just talking (mostly me exposing just how much I stalk her on social media). It was really nice, and probably the highlight of the evening. Photo by: Scott.
Wearing Topshop top, Haute Hippie pants, Sidewalk heels. Photo assist: Scott.