Christmas Floral Bouquet

I surprised Scott with a handmade bouquet a couple of days before Christmas. This was my first time making a floral bouquet, and I chose to anchor it in roses dipped in his favourite colour purple.

I visited Far East Orchid and picked out some purple Roses (B-grade – SGD $19.63), tinted Metalasia (SGD $8.88) for contrast, and Paranomus (SGD $10) as a filler.

Unwrapping the flowers. I had to trim the stems, since these three bunches were of different heights. I also stripped the roses of leaves and thorns past the 15 cm mark, because that’s what I saw on a poster in the freezer in the nursery.
I stuffed some damp cotton wool in a white cloth bag that comes when you buy new shoes, stuck the bunch of stems in it, and wrapped it up with some white wrapping paper, also recycled from shoe boxes. Finally, I used some brown twine to secure the bouquet.