Floral Garage: Fruit Hamper

I had the pleasure of receiving a fruit hamper from Floral Garage last week for a review! Floral Garage is a local online florist that believes in making it affordable for people to express themselves with flowers – even so, they offer quite a large range of choices with floral bouquets ranging from SGD $30 to $300. They even stock accessories such as balloons, plushies, and – as evident from my title – fruit hampers. Heck, they even have a Vegetable Bouquet for when you want to gift something fun and practical! Or, you know, Condolence Stands. It was pretty entertaining to scroll through their store to spot these creative themed items.

Anyway, I waffled between their signature Freestyle Bouquet ($35) or their cheapest Fruit Hamper ($55) for the review and eventually went with their recommendation for a fruit hamper. I’ve never received a hamper before, and the prospect of stocking up my fridge with fresh fruits without having to go grocery shopping sounded appealing, especially in this rainy season. So I put in my delivery details and preferred timing and waited for my hamper come Sunday morning. Soon enough, my fruit hamper arrived!

Overall, I’ve been impressed by my Floral Garage hamper. Do check out them out! Deliveries are free for their hampers if anyone is interested, and they do same-day deliveries for a nominal fee of $9.70 if you’re prone to forgetting anniversaries until it’s too late.

Look at this beauty. I liked how the vibrant reds gave a nice pop of colour while blending in harmoniously with the pastel pink and greens.
There was still condensation under the wrapper from the fruits! The apples at the bottom were still cool to the touch when I unwrapped the hamper.
And here’s the the pretty flower arrangement, which includes Eucalyptus leaves, Gerbera, Eustoma, and Roses. I actually had to get help from Floral Garage in identifying the flowers used here.
Here are all the fruits in the hamper – 2 apples, 3 pears, 2 oranges, 2 kiwis, and a bunch of juicy grapes that Scott and I set to devouring almost immediately like starved vultures. In fact, I have no complaints at all about the fruits they were all so juicy and sweet!