Singapore 2016: ArtScience Museum Future World

I dragged Scott along to new Future World: Where Art Meets Science exhibit at the ArtScience Museum last month. This collaboration with teamLab is a permanent exhibit, with certain elements to change over time. Scott enjoyed the exhibit, to his surprise; he thought that we were going to be staring at inactive art pieces. Boy, was he wrong. The exhibit was dark, so I was glad to have him to cling to when we entered. It got better once we got closer to where the lit exhibits were.

Ever Blossoming Life II – A Whole Year per Year, Dark. Photo assist: Scott.
100 Years Sea Animation Diorama.
Loved the little creatures flitting from feet to feet in Graffiti Nature.
Connecting! Train Block.
A Table Where Little People Live – if you place the cup on the table a cute little cow walks all around it!
Media Block Chair.
Universe of Water Particles. Photo assist: Scott.
Someone drew a dick at Sketch Town.
We sat down to do some colouring at the Sketch Aquarium. Jellyfish are one of my favourite aquatic animals.
I was pretty proud of my how-to-eat-fish guide! Hopefully someone will see my diagram swimming about and realise that eating fish is not that difficult after all.
Light Ball Orchestra.
Crystal Universe was undoubtedly one of the more popular sites to get a photo at. So many people were gathered there trying to take a shot, that for a long time Scott and I simply stood at the side enjoying each other’s company in front of the ever-changing lights (dictated via an app). It was a beautiful moment.
Hung out a bit outside the ArtScience Museum after.
Wearing MUJI shirt, Topshop earrings, Firmoo glasses, Snupped bag, Zalora shoes. Photo assist: Scott.