Singapore 2015: The Script Concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium

The Script stopped over for a performance recently! I don’t go to concerts often, but I saw them perform in Hollywood with Jesca back in 2011. This time, I attended their concert in Singapore with Ai and Sal. I’d fallen in love with their latest album, No Sound Without Silence, and wanted to experience going to a concert in Singapore.

I’d never seen the revamped Singapore Indoor Stadium before, so this was an eye-opener.
The Script came out half an hour after the scheduled time, but they did so with a bang, and their first song, Paint the Town Green. It’s not my favourite song, in fact I don’t like the song at all, but I have to admit that the fast beat was a good opener.
We got Glow-in-the-dark bracelets right before the concert!
They made great use of the space! One of the songs was performed on a small stage between the mosh pits and and mezzanine. It was amazing that they’d be so thoughtful to all their fans to do that.
We found out that the reason why The Script came out so late was because they were trying to get the video projection working, and it failed until near the end of the concert. At least we got to see the sun in all its plasmic incandescence when it finally got working.
Everyone was encouraged to light up the stadium for one of the last songs. It was beautiful.
Closing with a bang again, this time quite literally. This concert was way better than the one in LA. I loved it.
My outfit was pretty basic for the concert. I try not to carry bags with me for such events, too cumbersome for all the potential jostling and jumping around at the mosh pit. All I needed were the necessary cards and cash stuffed in a pocket, keys hooked onto my belt hoop with my trusty carabiner, a tight grip on my phone, and I was set to go. I also broke out the highest pair of shoes I own just to make sure that I could see the stage clearly, because I’m kiasu like that. I even ended up taller than Ai because of my platform boots! She’s an enviable height of 176 cm just for reference. Photo assist: Scott.
My favourite song from the album, Flares, wasn’t on the playlist for the concert, so I did the next best thing to bring a part of it with me. Corny, I know. I also need to start educating myself in calligraphy. Photo assist: Scott.