Singapore 2015: Fost Gallery The Hands That Remember

Scott and I went to the opening of The Hands That Remember by Izziyana Suhami at Fost Gallery in Gillman Barracks last Friday. I shared an oil painting class with Izzi before, so I’ve sort of been keeping track of her art career like the creeper that I am, eh heh. This solo exhibition represents her foray into the abstraction of embroidery and weaving, and even features a small activity corner for patrons to try a little weaving. Do check it out! It runs till 31 May.

I Remember Time With Such Slowness, 2015.
My favourite series.
Scott said it was because they were so colourful.
Scott at the activity booth inviting visitors to participate in weaving on a loom.
It was my first time weaving! My contribution is that small navy patch on the bottom left corner. I didn’t know what I doing, so I weaved with a double thread; I had to request for a pair of scissors from the counter to free the needle after. D’oh! It was pretty meditative while I worked on it though.