Rosa Novias: Wedding Dress

Rosa Novias approached me for an outfit collaboration, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to get myself something beautiful. They had a huge selection of pretty wedding gowns ranging from the low hundreds to USD $600. Who would’ve thought that wedding gowns could come so cheap? I ended up getting this simple sleeveless dress, costing at about USD $200. I was a little worried from the affordable prices and lack of detailed photographs that the quality would be compromised, but I gave my detailed measurements for my custom order and hoped for the best. Almost a month later, my custom-made wedding gown was on its way via DHL. I appreciated how it was folded neatly inside-out to protect the beading, and the cloth bag that it came in was a nice touch. There weren’t even any loose threads or defects that I could see. I was very impressed- the gown was everything I had hoped it would be! I especially loved the built-in bra, exquisite beading detail, and most of all the awesome train floating behind me with every step that I took. I think I know why weddings are said to be every girl’s dream now. I was inspired to make a dreamlike fairytale shoot since there isn’t a real wedding in my immediate future.

Thank you Rosa Novias for such a lovely collaboration! They kindly offered my readers free shipping (shipping usually costs USD $40) for any dress purchases if you use the code PUPUREN at checkout.

Photo assist: Pa.