Myth Masters


Took on the art director role in the conceptualisation and execution of Myth Masters, a bilingual National Library Board card game which promoted Chinese as a Mother Tongue Language using characters based from Journey to the West and Classic of Mountains and Seas. I set the foundation for the aesthetics of the cards, logo, and publicity, as well as undertook the booklet layout design. Outside of design work, my management scope included overseeing undergraduate interns in creating visual assets for the cards according to the art direction, training polytechnic interns in Adobe Illustrator for basic design work, and interviewing part-time designers to handle design adaptation.

Branding and booklet design (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign).

Took charge of the branding through colour palettes, logos, design of cards and other materials.
Workflow of directing two undergraduate interns in the production of artwork for 60 cards.
Undertook the booklet design which was a culmination of the two-year project, given away as a limited-edition item to patrons. Cover art was by the design agency.
Items in a limited-edition Myth Masters gift box included a set of elemental washi tape, a set of postcards, holographic cards, enamel pins, stickers, and game mat.
Adapted card artwork into greeting cards for Lunar New Year.