Lens Circle: Anime & Circle Lenses

I’m no stranger to cosmetic contact lenses, having favoured splurging on purple pupils since my teens. So when Lens Circle contacted me for a review of their lenses, I thought it was a great opportunity to try out the areas of cosmetic lenses that I’ve never ventured into before.

The first pair that I got were these wacky Anime Circle Lenses. These are part of the Lens Circle Exclusive Series featuring designs such as cat eye, all-white, and even the famous Sharingan eyes from Naruto. The Exclusive Series is obviously meant for cosplay enthusiasts, but since I’m a casual hobbyist with only one cosplay under my belt, I decided to go with a generic anime design – just to give my photoshoots the occasional zing whenever I feel like it needs a spark of something. I don’t know if it’s just me, but one issue I faced while wearing the anime circle lenses is that the designs don’t sync up after a while? I originally put both lenses in with the pink portion at the bottom. After the shoot, I realised that one of my eyes wound up with the pink portion at the top. My takeaway is that it’s better to get cosmetic lenses that have a uniform design on them, so that it doesn’t matter if the lens shifts around. Despite the issue of the anime circle lenses shifting during the wear, I still prefer the anime circle lenses over the black circle lenses, since I’m much more attracted to colour over enlarging my pupils when it comes to choosing cosmetic contact lenses. Here’s hoping that my next wear of the anime circle lens proves that the shifting issue was simply a fluke!

My package for two pairs of lenses arrived in two soft drawstring bags – an individual bottle housing each lens, two lens cases, and a care card with instructions on how to open the bottles – surprisingly tricky to open.
Anime eyes here I come!
Since I’d also recently acquired a bunch of fancy wigs during a sale, I went with a straight-cut dark green hairpiece to complement the anime eyes. The anime lenses don’t come with prescription on them, so I foresee that I’ll only be using them for potential cosplay shoots in the future. Photo assist: Scott.
Wearing Forever 21 sequin top and earrings, Blend denim jacket. Photo assist: Scott.
I was amused by how disturbed Scott got from all the flyaway strands on my wig.
Anime lens on the left, normal iris on the right.
My second pair of cosmetic lenses were a little more normal for a casual day out, the Magic Series Circle Lens. These lenses come with plano prescription, which is pretty useful if you’re half-blind like me. My pair didn’t come with prescription though, so I accessorised my outfit with my trusty pair of glasses.
If only my eyes were larger so that I could show off my enlarged eyes better!
Black circle lens on the left, normal iris on the right.