library@orchard Resident: Will & Well


Invited Elisa Lim of Will & Well to take up library@orchard’s artist-in-residency for 2020, and maintained communication throughout the Covid-19 pandemic as health restrictions tightened for onsite activities, resulting in its postponement. Eventually secured Will & Well as the first onsite resident after restrictions lifted in Sep–Dec 2021. In addition to the two Open Studio sessions per month as a basic public engagement requirement of the residency, I worked with Elisa to transform two sessions into public talks on Zoom which shed light on her journey and design-thinking process. I kickstarted conversations with NLB Marketing team on hosting library@orchard Resident interviews on Medium.

The residency ended with a photoshoot (conducted by myself), an email-audio interview (conducted by myself) hosted on the NLB Medium site, and a post-residency exhibition at the main exhibition space.

Digital photography for photoshoot (Canon 700D, Capture One Pro).

Post-residency exhibition.
Screenshot of the interview on Medium.