Japan 2015: Asakusa Sensoji, Trunks-ya

Our next day in Tokyo was spent visiting yet another must-visit tourist spot, Asakusa – more specifically, Sensoji. The crowd at Nakamise was definitely not to laugh at, as we found ourselves swept along with the flow of people making their way through the huge lantern at the Kaminarimon entrance and into Sensoji, taking a quick breather by stopping by the many interesting shops selling a variety of memorabilia from kitschy souvenirs to handcrafted art and crafts.

Underside of the giant lantern.
Got myself some Ningyo-yaki. They come in various shapes and like, but they all share the same red bean filling inside:
Ai and I also spent a considerable amount of time at this cute little shop manned by a cute little lady.
I bought a pair origami crane earrings from her!
Discovered this beautiful Art of War series in one of the art shops. Every animal on the zodiac is rendered on glass!
These elementary school kids were so cute with their yellow plastic hats and glee in their faces at being on a school trip! Also, it was a running joke that I had people-attracting powers whenever I wanted to shoot an OOTD. The coast would be clear whenever either Ai or Ru were my stand-ins as I composed the shot, but when it came my turn to stand in front of the camera…
Dinner was had at Isomaru Suisan.
Trunks-ya laid right opposite dinnerings, so we decided to explore the eccentric little shop on the second floor.
It was an amazing trove of printed trunks! I got myself some socks from the comparatively small selection near the entrance, and we learnt more about all the different stickers the owner would stick onto each carefully-wrapped article as part of the purchase.
Definitely have to bring Scott here next time.