Japan 2015: Akihabara, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Shibuya Crossing

Aaah we were going to miss these Manneken waffles from Kyoto so much that we bought a bunch for our Shinkansen ride to Tokyo! So much yums. Just to even things out, I also fell asleep and missed the sight of mount Fuji godammit.
Our Airbnb for Tokyo was, as with most Tokyo lodgings, a small space to fit even one person comfortably, but the three of us managed to squeeze in just fine in a double-decker bed and one fold-out sofa futon.
Taichi and team even laid out some sweets to welcome us with! The room also had separate bins for different kinds of trash, plus things were labeled clearly so that we could navigate our way around the room. In fact, they were quick to respond and immediately updated the instructions for how to use the aircon remote control after we sent them a photo of the one in our room. We’d been spoilt by Keiko-mama’s hospitality in Kyoto, but Taichi’s team were not too shabby themselves!
Akihabara, while famous as an otaku haven, is so named for its autumn leaves.
We also got some grub from Fuji Soba, a vending machine noodle store – basically how it goes is that we’d peruse the selection of plastic mockups offered in the window, feed the machine outside some cash, retrieve the ticket that the machine spits out, and hand it to the chef inside the store before finding an empty seat. Our number would then be called, and we’d go back up to the chef to collect our piping hot noodles.
I got myself a Niku (Beef) Fuji for ¥430 (SGD $5.60).
Wearing H&M coat, Parkhurst beret, Tutu Anna socks, unknown backpack, Spurr shoes. Photo assist: Ai & Ru.
I went overkill on pinning my beret to the back of my head, but hey it was cold and I am vain. I rarely take outfit photos at night, but there’s a particular charm about street lights in small streets.
SAKURA 馬ール. I was very tickled by the name of this place in the neigh-bourhood (geddit?). The common way of reading 馬 (horse) is ‘uma’, but it could also be read as ‘ba’, making this place incredibly and awfully punny as SAKURA Bar. LOVED IT.
We paid a little visit to Meiji Shrine.
The onset of spring was quite pretty.
This man was pretty cool sweeping the pebbles while barely touching the ground! We stood there for a while admiring him go about his work.
I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for an outfit shoot when we wandered into a quieter part of the shrine. Wearing CNDirect dress & sunglasses, Zara knit coat, Parkhurst beret, Dressgal leggings, Spurr shoes. Photo assist: Ai & Ru.
We eventually emerged from the other exit of Meiji Shrine and walked a short distance to my favourite shopping street Takeshitadoori. Got to have ourselves a Marion Crepe! I enjoyed my Harajuku-exclusive Matcha Chocolate for ¥530 (SGD $7).
We later found ourselves past the crowded touristy street and into hipster-dom and all its colourful glory.
We finally extricated ourselves from all the shopping to find Hachiko in Shibuya.
And we took turns waiting for the lights to turn so that we could get our shot at the crossing!
It was fun.