India 2016: Shopping

Ai and I had two free days after the wedding in Chennai. Our first free day was spent hanging out with Mr. Anthony and his family. Mr. Anthony was Ai’s colleague back in Singapore, but his family lives in Chennai and he has the cutest daughter!

Mr. Anthony and his family picked us up at our lodgings in a rented taxi and we headed to a very ritzy Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels for lunch. It was a feast, and by all accounts we were pretty filled up after the insane amount of starters (I never knew that pizza slices were considered starters too?!), but that wasn’t going to stop Ai and I from exploring all the interesting delicacies on display while having each item explained to us. Apparently our hosts for the day spied a famous actor dining there, so we helped them to take a picture together. There was even a flash mob dance by the staff! It was a very eventful meal.
I originally went with a simple breezy top as it was the middle of summer, but I was admonished and had to cover my shoulders because I needed to be careful of attracting attention in a conservative country. Story of how I became a farmer.
Wearing Cotton On top, RV Designs silk scarf, Uniqlo hat & jogger pants, Zalora shoes. Photo assist: Ai.
A compilation of clips from the day.