Windy Cornfields

I have never actually considered myself petite, though I’ve had exclamations of, “but you’re so tiny!” by someone who was shorter than I by a full head– an extremely perplexing thought to wrap my mind around, because the word evokes height-dominance and not frame-dominance to my understanding. This awesome Modcloth dress, however, seems to disprove my size-Medium-teeshirt-wearing by being slightly larger than I’d have liked, despite being sized Small. I’ve since bought other dresses from Modcloth, and Small sizes invariably end up being just a little too large for me, what with shoulder straps having the tendency to fall right off my shoulders and et cetera. I think I shall have to familiarise myself with a sewing machine.

Also! Ottie’s mum is a prolific knitter, and she makes a lot of strips to use as a headband or a hair tie from leftover yarn. She gave me this pretty blue headband one morning– of course, I had to wear that pretty thing that same day. Add my favourite blue flower to it and my outfit was complete. :D


Modcloth bicycle print dress
Dr. Martens white boots
Forever21 turquoise flower hair clip
Gifted handmade knit blue headband

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