What Time Is It?!

So I did a bit of drawing for Ottie’s booth at the Sangju English Festival a while back. He wanted to make an English adventure game in the theme of Adventure Time, since that’s what his kids in Sangju liked. Being the one who introduced that piece of animated awesomeness to him, it was only a pleasure to assist. It was a really long time since I did fanart of any kind anyway. :D

character jakecharacter finncharacter bmo

item jake sandwichitem finn sworditem bmo batteries

challenge boggling bridge

challenge hangman man challenge vocabular

challenge rhyming gates

challenge friend ship

Those last two were my favourite to draw. It probably had to do with my having gathered a bit of momentum after the first three scenes.

Some photos of the event! Ottie sent some pictures my way the day before, after he and YY-sem had set the booth up:



And during the event:

adventuretime2013_4YY-sem being fabulous~



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