What I Wore to AX2012

One of the highlights of my trip down to Anime Expo this year was the very surprising, and amusing attention to my person.

I’d been stopped by a couple of people just to say that they liked my glasses, necklace, or outfit; had my photograph taken by people even as I obviously wasn’t cosplaying… even got questioned by two female security guards who wanted to know where I got my dress from at the security entrance of the X Games, when Des and I popped by for a bit. Not to mention a traveling monk who complimented my ‘nice unusual clothing’, while we waited for our bus ride home. But then again he continued by asking for donations regarding Indian Buddhism.

Des couldn’t figure out why I was garnering that much attention, and neither did I, truth be told. He also joked that if I ever wanted a boyfriend, all I had to do was wear what I was wearing.

But it still cracks me up that I was stopped to be photographed at a cosplay event, wearing normal clothes. (Not that their pictures would be any good, since I tend to freeze in such situations, as I’ve now realised. :P)

Obligatory bad posture photo.

// dress, socks: urban outfitters
// shoes: h&m
// necklace: the little fox

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