Completed risograph zine and test prints, beer, and chips.

Weekend Parties: BBQ & Risograph Zines

Here’s a recap of last weekend – drawings, booze, barbeque, making zines, more booze, another barbeque, and the beautiful city lights from high up… it was pretty great.

Oxwell & Co

Saturday night was spent mingling at Ottie’s office get-together. I’d met some of them before, but there were new faces in other colleagues as well as their significant others.

Margarita and Anthropomorphic animal portraits at Oxwell & Co, Singapore.I ordered a Clover Club Street for a drink at the rooftop bar which was super pretty, what with the telephone booth, brick walls, and rows of herbs decorating the open-air area. The drink cost SGD $22 though. Ouch. The creepy but fantastic anthropomorphic portraits were very awesome. I wonder if the place allows for photoshoots?

Anthropomorphic animal portraits at Oxwell & Co, Singapore.

OOTD at Oxwell & Co, Singapore.Here’s a quick outfit photo in the bathroom (which was surprisingly clean for a bar).
Wearing Topshop velvet bralet, Penshoppe pants, Firmoo glasses, Rawrow bag, Mango sneakers, Newdress bomber jacket.


It was pretty late by the time Ottie and I split from the group, but Deb’s BBQ was still ongoing, so we took a cab over. Deb (last seen here) had only recently come back from her epic South America & Europe trip, so it was good to see her again. More new faces among familiar ones, and such amazing food as always. I was still recuperating from imbibing too much the previous day, but I hope I got to know some of these faces a little better. They’re cool people. Also, Gus is a kangaroo in a dog’s body.

BBQ and making a new canine friend.My new friend for all of the time it took for me to finish this plate of food.

Skysuites @ Anson

Sunday was spent chilling at a skyscraper downtown, gorging on more delicious BBQ, cheese & crackers, beer, all sorts of wine, and ahhhh, the jet pool. We’d have gone up to one of the two hot jacuzzis on the seventy-second rooftop, but Y-san was our host and this was her farewell party, so we stayed with the crowd getting to know more people while chilling in the jet pool (which had nice warm water). Life was good.

View of downtown from Skysuites @ Anson, Singapore.

Jacuzzi on the 72nd floor of Skysuites @ Anson, Singapore.One of the jacuzzis overlooking the city on the seventy-second floor.

Catching the sunset at Skysuites @ Anson, Singapore.Wearing Zalora tank top, Missguided bikini, CNDirect denim shorts, Melissa sandals.

Catching the sunset at Skysuites @ Anson, Singapore.I just really liked the way Ottie’s glasses merged with the railings.

Starting our BBQ.

Dusk from Skysuites @ Anson, Singapore.

Jets pool at Skysuites @ Anson, Singapore.

Chilling at a jets pool at Skysuites @ Anson, Singapore.

Animated gif of Ottie photobombing my pool selfie.

Knuckles & Notch

My day in between parties was spent at this two-session Risograph Printing Workshop by Knuckles & Notch as part of the library’s annual youth arts festival, PRESSPLAY. I lucked out snagging a seat because of a last-minute cancellation – registration is highly-competitive as these are provided completely free-of-charge by the library to the public, as with most if not all programmes offered at library spaces – I should know, I’m part of the team. It had been a while since I last drew anything, and wow did it take effort to tamp down on the cursing that was raging in my head at how tedious drawing is and fuck if I didn’t take a break because of the burn-out. (And yet I yearn to go back into it.) But it was good in the end, largely thanks to the lack of the luxury of time to drive myself crazy over trying to get things right.

Introduction to Risograph printing at library@orchard, Singapore.The first session was held at library@orchard, where the faces behind Knuckles & Notch, Djohan and Marilyn, showed us their selection of Risograph prints, how the machine worked, and how we were to separate our drawings into layers in order to print the final product – with our two-colour print project for this workshop, we only had to work with two layers.

First layer of a 2-colour risograph drawing.This was my first layer, which I’d choose the colour teal for. The actual colours used on our layers didn’t matter, and only served to create values in the printed copy. e.g. the lighter yellows were used to make sure that the teal would be of a lesser intensity in the print.

Second layer of a 2-colour risograph drawing.I chose fluorescent pink for my second layer, because it’s not everyday you get to play with fluorescent inks.

Two superimposed layers of a 2-colour risograph drawing.These were my two layers combined.

Animated gif of a Risograph printer in action.This was the machine in action – the printing was incredibly fast! It worked by scanning in the first layer using the photocopying tray at the top of the machine. This creates a template on the surface of the teal drum (which after one use gets discarded into a tray inside the machine). Once it spits out the required number of copies, the drum is replaced with the fluorescent pink drum, the second layer photocopied onto the template, and the printed pieces are re-fed into the machine for the second colour. Minor adjustments have to be made to line the prints up, so lots of test prints happened.

Changing the drums in a risograph printer at Knuckles & Notch studio, Singapore.

Panoramic shot of Knuckles & Notch Risograph Printing Studio, Singapore.The studio.

Colour swatch of risograph print inks at Knuckles & Notch studio, Singapore.Look at all the colours offered!

Colour swatch against a fluorescent orange test print at Knuckles & Notch studio, Singapore.Fluorescent orange was used in the background for another participant’s work in the background.

Scoring the 2-colour risograph zine at Knuckles & Notch studio, Singapore.It was time to score and fold our eight-page zine from the A3 paper we had worked on.

Completed risograph zine and test prints, beer, and chips.Final pieces and a test print of the teal layer which also turned out exceptionally nice.

Look, I was also in a video!

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