Bangkok was really just a touch-and-go for Ottie and I. We spent two nights there, but not before taking the opportunity to walk across borders from Cambodia to Thailand. It was so exciting! The experience was educational, showing the stark difference in wealth between Cambodia and Thailand. The Cambodia border was really just an wooden stand on a dirt road, where we were herded into confusing lines under the hot sun for about half an hour before getting our passports stamped. A Cambodian official even told Ottie that he could expedite him for USD $5. A ten minute walk later, we found ourselves queueing up in an orderly fashion in…


    Videos from Cambodia & Thailand

    I went on a last-minute trip to Cambodia with Ottie in January. We met some of his friends there, visited some breathtakingly scenic places, and walked across the border to Thailand. If you’ve roughly half an hour to spare, this is the post for you. :P