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    Monsoon Wedding in Chennai

    I had the privilege of attending a wedding in Chennai a few (read: six) months ago. Shasha’s friend Divya held a traditional Brahmin wedding ceremony there, and Shasha didn’t want to travel to India alone, so I jumped at the chance of this pilgrimage of sorts. The both of us had never attended an Indian wedding before either, so this was an experience of firsts for the both of us. Rohit, Divya’s fiancé, picked us up at the airport and so off we went in a taxi to what would be our lodgings for the next five days at New Woodlands Hotel. We were briefed on what to expect for our…


    Play on Words: Arbite

    Ottie and I took a trip down to Arbite one day for some eggs benedicts and realised that it was a pun on the German word ‘Arbeit’, meaning ‘work’. It honestly never clicked for me until then, when I told him that アルバイト(Arubaito), or more commonly shortened to バイト(Baito), is Japanese for ‘part-time job’ – which it borrowed from German. I was taught about it once but had become so used to using the short form that I forgot about its roots. The evolution of language is interesting. I’m pretty fond of noting to whomever would listen that the word ‘naughty’ as used now is but a diluted version of…


    Bevy C. Super Hydro

    Singapore may be hot and humid all year long, but we compensate for the weather by artificially freezing our asses off indoors. This undoubtedly causes major dry skin, so when I was contacted to review the Bevy C. Super Hydro collection a month ago, it was just ideal to remedy the effects of me subjecting myself to an air-conditioned work and home environment while feeling my makeup cake under the stress. Bevy C. originates from Taiwan and specializes in pre-makeup skincare. Their products do not use alcohol, artficial colouring, or parabens, and go through an intensive testing for skin allergies before being brought out for public consumption. Each product from the…