We Are All Pieces





IMG_0528Jac, Deb, and I are about to take-off!

This outfit is filled with bits and pieces of people– agate necklace from sentimental Des, zombie tee from the talented Evy, pashmina from my mum’s trip to Nepal, and cute blue cardigan from someone I will never know. I’ve chosen to embellish myself with memories and imagination.

Des visited Washington D.C. some time back, and returned with this pretty agate souvenir from the Natural History Museum. It even prompted a conversation with a stranger on the bus once, who had such an enthusiasm for rocks that when I say ‘conversation’, I meant more of being a student to his knowledge of the rock I had hung around my neck. Learn something new everyday. :D


Threadless zombie tee (gifted)
Urban Outfitters patchwork jeans
Liz Wear Petite cardigan (thrifted)
Fila black boots
Steve Madden bag
NHM agate necklace (gifted)

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