Walking with Dinosaurs

In other words, We’re Back! Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun. :P

Anyway, I’ll probably be alternating between blogging about my backlog in Singapore and stuff happening in here in L.A., because I’m horrible at time-management like that. ^^;

Anyway, I went to BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs at the beginning of December last year. It was epicly awesome. The thing is, I only went to this show because Tintin bought the tickets. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to justify spending $80 for an experience. Should probably try to go to concerts and such atas events more often if they’re this epic. This cheapo is now a convert! Seriously, there are no words to describe how awesome it was, only squee-ing. (Maybe because I’m too tired to do anything more RAM-consuming like stringing sentences together in a coherent manner).

Anyways. Here we go!

Absolutely stunning~ *w*

And oh man, it’s been too long since I’ve done an outfit– have forgotten the format of how I write them. Haha! Erm here be dinosaur outfit:

✿ Pink top: Cotton On
✿ Yellow cardigan: Bugis Village
✿ Gold rustic cat necklace: gift (Japan)
✿ Checkered skirt: Malaysia
✿ Black mary-janes: Mad About Shoes
✿ Blue animal haversack: Japan

As if this whole outfit set isn’t bimbotic enough… XDD


*yawn* Time to catch up on online stuff, in addition to piles of work.


  • shasha

    Woooo! An update! And aw man, I should’ve went. The dinosaurs looked cool.

    And I love the 2nd last outfit photo! Nice figure! Feeeweeet! <3 XD

    • ✿ren

      YES IT WAS BLOODY SURREAL!!! I bet your Lion King is great too! Yea I gotta pull up my socks man… The backlog is getting ridiculous… *stressed*

      HAHAHAHA please, yours nicer. *pervs*

    • shasha

      Won’t know about Lion King till I go, but yeah! Really excited!! :DDD
      And lol, just post one a day since you’ve already prepared all the entries anyways, right? Hehe.

      LOLLLLLLL. Please remember my weird hips. Haha. Yours damn nicer *extraperv*

  • Mary

    That dinosaur show looks amazing! I’m like a little kid when I go to stuff like that, totally lose track of the fact that I’m old enough to be taking my own kids to the show-lol. Probably for the best that I don’t have any ;)

    Your outfit is really cute and I love your backpack.

    • ✿ren

      Hahaha I feel you man! I bought a dinosaur comforter at Ross the other day, and chatted with a lady queuing behind me. She asked if it was for my children. XDDD I think it’s good to have kids grow up in an environment where they are free to obsess over such stuff though (and that’s where obsessed over dinos-parents come in here), it’s much better than the other way round? :D

      And thank you! The backpack was an amazing find in Japan, and it collapses into a small pouch, which makes it extra awesome. :DD

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