Universal Studios Singapore

Pic spam, because work, while fun, has been sapping up my energy together with various other side projects that eat up so much of my time I don’t even. And I’m typing this on a Sunday after sleeping so much it’s probably illegal. It’s the only day this past week where I’ve treated my home as anything more than a hotel, so I think it’s justified. Probably don’t make sense right now anyway.

Say hello to photos from my iPhone:

I’ve been to a few theme parks in the United States about fifteen years ago, so Universal Studios Singapore wasn’t really wow to me. For instance, I clearly remember the Jurassic Park flume ride being a shortened version of the one in America.

I did, however, take the thrilling mummy ride twice.

That was by far the best ride the theme park had to offer, until they fix that damn epic teaser.

Sometimes I wish I could eat snake and do more than catch some snatches of personal online activity during work. Alas, I work in outer space.


In desperate need of Z’s.


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