Universal Studios Singapore 2015

I spent the start of 2015 at Singapore’s very own theme park franchise. It being my sixth time at any Universal Studios in my lifetime (thrice in Singapore and thrice in Los Angeles), I decided to have fun wandering the place taking pictures. But first! I lucked out on my way to Sentosa, where Universal Studios Singapore (USS) was located. A couple of aunties approached me waving their three-day fun passes, saying that they didn’t need them anymore and that I could make use of them until they expired. However, since I was going to Sentosa for USS and not for the other attractions, all I managed to save was the $4 monorail ride to the island. Still. The other three passes were distributed to my colleagues. :D

Free tickets to Sentosa for Universal Studios Singapore.

Posing in front of the globe at Universal Studios Singapore.Obligatory Universal Studios photo. The water bottle was all I had brought along, by the way. The rest of my belongings I had fit into the pockets of my jeans.

Posing with Sesame Street characters at Universal Studios Singapore.Attempting to take a bite out of the Cookie Monster’s stash while Erni chills with the rest of the Sesame Street cast.

Posing with dinosaur sculptures at Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Singapore.I totally tried to photoshop a guy out of the picture that Erni took for me.

Posing with characters Pinocchio from Shrek and Oscar from Sesame Street at Universal Studios Singapore.The cutiest Pinocchio from Shrek & Oscar from Sesame Street who stood up from his bin to take a photo with us! Ave (center) was really stoked as he’s her favourite character.

Giant Chupa Chups lollipop and ultra fluffy unicorn Despicable Me plushie at the gift store at Universal Studios Singapore.They’ve got giant Chupa Chups lollipops and ultra fluffy unicorn plushies from Despicable Me at the gift store! It was so fluffy I could dieeeeee~ It really was.

Wearing minion goggles merchandise from Universal Studios Singapore.Getting goofy with the minion googles.

We managed to take the rides too. It was an awesome way to start my first day at work for 2015. :)

Lace top from Forever 21
BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters
Cardigan from American Apparel
Rubber coated sneakers from Converse

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