Under the Dappled Shade

This was one of the more gratuitous photoshoots I’ve had in a long time XDD

✿ white crochet top: gift (china)
✿ turquoise long cardigan: far east
✿ grey flare shorts: online
✿ maroon leggings (120 denier): top20
✿ brown concealed heels: muji
✿ dual sided cloth bag: made by my cousin
✿ gold 21st key necklace: handed down from mum

I was originally quite dismayed by the number of photos that were out of focus (if I remember correctly, I was having too much fun with f1.8), but those kinda added to the mottled feel and I liked them after looking through them what seems like a hundred times XDD

Also, about the previous post, THANK YOU!!! I made this video after watching a news clip which reported on the national day parade earlier in the evening. It showed performers singing the birthday song at one point, and even the prime minister sang it! Needless to say, it amused me so much that I felt a compulsion to join in on the well-wishing, birthday song style XDD


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