Twenty Cycles of Home

As the date signalling my imminent move draws near, I’m possessed with the urgency to take more outfit photos around my neighbourhood. I’ve called this place home for the past 23 years, but the time has called for a bittersweet departure from the life I’ve grown so comfortable with. I’m going to be renting a smaller place in an entirely different neighbourhood for a year, and we’ll see how it goes from there. It’s exciting to be living in a different part of the country soon, but it’s also sad to leave this neighbourhood and all its green spaces behind.

Green outfit: DressLink black crop top, Bugis Village green pleated skirt, Taobao black crew socks, Taobao white platform sandals, Osewaya mermaid ear studs, Nica green clutch.

Before, I’d frequently put off taking photos here since there’d always be people playing street soccer or using the outdoor fitness stations nearby. But seeing as it’s my last couple of weeks in this area, here I came. The new neighbourhood I’m about to move to doesn’t have as many trees, though they sport a number of murals. Perhaps my penchant for the colour green came about by these surroundings?

Nevertheless, my outfit features a recently-acquired DressLink crop top and an unbranded pleated skirt I got a decade ago. This skirt has stayed with me for so many years for good reason – the texture is just too unique to throw it out! It’s stayed despite getting stained during art school. I guess it helps that it’s so durable.

Green outfit: DressLink black crop top, Osewaya mermaid ear studs.

Green outfit: Nica green clutch.

Green outfit: Nica green clutch.This woven Nica clutch is in my discard pile for the move. I got it at Ross Dress for Less back in LA, but it didn’t exactly survive the sudden shift into Singapore’s weather. I’ll miss the Koi fish print on the inside of this bag.

Side profile.One last look at the view.

Crop top c/o DressLink
Pleated skirt – Bugis Village
Crew socks – Taobao
Platform sandals - Taobao
Clutch – Nica
Mermaid earring – Osewaya

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.


  • Bivisyani Q. (@alivegurl)

    Oh man, it must be really sad to finally say goodbye but it’s a natural part of growth, I guess. I fare thee well in all your future endeavours. Also, yes, definitely keep the skirt. It even LOOKS very comfortable and unique. Plus, it’s in your favourite colour so there’s no reason to discard it. Speaking of which, when you say ‘discard’ do you mean donating it or selling it just leave it in your previous home? I wouldn’t mind taking that purse, tbh :D

    Alive as Always

    • ✿ren

      Thank you very much Bivi! Unfortunately I already gave the purse to someone else. I’ve been going through phases of packing which includes keeping stuff to sell later, donating it, or throwing it out, since I’m unable to store everything that I want to sell in the future. If only I could keep everything!! ^^

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