Tokyo: Toriyaki & Karaoke

Hallo, I’m back. OTL

The past week has been pretty overwhelming– and the weather’s taken a turn for the worse in that it rains on my laundry whenever I’m unconscious (I sleep like the dead), the temperature is chilly and my extremities suffer, but it’s still humid enough that I need to switch on the fan, which makes it worse.

Also, I got super sick yesterday. I think the last time I vomited was about four years ago, right before I was sent to the hospital because my appendix started throwing a tantrum and threatened to burst. LOL am not a fan of getting regurgitated food stuck in the nasal cavity.

It was very… educational. Frankly, the tunnel vision and near-fainting spells and horrible stomach cramps were quite amusing only after I had purged the fruit juice out and stopped suffering from it. Shasha, Tintin and XinH can probably testify to my enthusiasm as I related my disgusting adventure in great detail when we met later on for lunch. On the bright side, I suppose my lack of table manners shows just how comfortable I am with them. XDDDDDDDDDD

BUT ANYWAY, this is a continuation of the Japan Summer Grad Trip in July. This part of the trip was the last lap, so I’m pretty glad for it to be over so that I can go post pictures from when I went out while posting about this trip (> 10 posts now). Yey!

We met Mizuguchi-san, Senpai’s colleague from the Japan branch, after we landed in Haneda Airport.


We had toriyaki for dinner, and I have no idea how we ever got there– was only following blindly because all my brain cells were utilised toward conversing in Japanese with W-san on the phone. Well, mainly he was apologising and I was saying it’s okay, rinse and repeat. Lol

But the stress of talking in Japanese was so great that when we settled down in the restaurant and were offered hot towels, it was a relief to sink my face into one and mumble post-stress gibberish. I am useless. ^^;;;

Three other colleagues joined us later on, and at the end of it, Senpai told me that I was sitting next to their boss (who paid for the dinner omgosh!). I was mortified.

Hullo thar, almost raw chicken. o_O (butitwasprettyyummy)

I kept staring up at that painting, so androgynous. I lub.

Later on, Mizuguchi-san helped me to ask the owners if I could take photos of the place. They said yes. :DDDDDDDDD <3

This is the entrance of the restaurant.

And then we (me, Senpai, Mizuguchi-san and Fuku-san) went karaoke-ing! AWESOME.

The place that went to was very fancily decorated. It was so posh that I thought that we were in a hotel. According to Mizuguchi-san, Fuku-san wanted to check this place out anyway so that he could entertain customers in the future.

There was a tree blocking our view of the screen. LOL

Random cooperating strangers when I wanted to take the entrance of the karaoke place. XDDD

Anyway, I apparently surprised Mizuguchi-san and Fuku-san when I started singing, because they couldn’t tell from my good girl looks that I would favour shouting rock songs and seductive lyrics. ROFL I didn’t know that Britney Spears’ Circus in a +5 tempo constituted as sexy. I was more trying to rap my way there. XDDD

AND! Fuku-san was super high! He kept standing up to sing and dance and was so into it, it was very entertaining. He also kept hi-fiving me when we sang some rock songs together. At first I was like, WTH 有这么enthu吗?!?! But it was really really fun. :D

And then they paid for the karaoke. IT WAS EXORBITANT, three hours for more than 20,000 yen (SGD$250). My heart nearly stopped. o_O|||

I’ll probably post the next one up very soon. Most of them are all about shopping already I think.


  • shasha

    OMG. $250!? And they’re salarymen? Entertain clients… and I think of men with ties tied around their heads XD But aww, they sound awesome, and really generous!

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