Tokyo: Shimokitazawa

First of all, I’ve just revised the About page of my portfolio. Go take a look and grimace at my discarded appendix, if you dare. Trust me when I say that you wouldn’t want to look at it in full colour. XDD

I’ll be doing more minor revisions to the website, but it’ll take a bit of time. And I still have to figure out just why it sucks major balls in IE. :(

Anyway, this is a pretty short post compared to the rest of the Japan reportage:


As mentioned somewhere in the previous post, Shimokitazawa was the other place that Kei-san had recommended for shopping and general walking about. It’s huge! Senpai and I went out of the wrong exit at the station, so we spent most of our time exploring the quieter half of the numerous alleys of Shimokitazawa. Note to Muslims (and this means Shasha), a lot of people walk their dogs here. They’re all on leashes, but just a heads up. :D

✿ yellow embroidered halter top: forever21
✿ dark grey harem pants: Malaysia
✿ dark grey sneakers: rubi
✿ reversible cloth bag: made by yingz
✿ green sunglasses: cotton on
✿ black rr necklace: made by Ru

I forgot what they call this in Japan, but it was nice to eat a bit of potong to ease the homesickness. :P

We had a late lunch at Gyoza no Oushou. Our appetites weren’t very huge so we opted to share a plate of gyoza and have a bowl of soup each:

Horumons seem to be everywhere… XDD

This subway was pretty cool. The seats only come down after 10am because before that it’s the peak hour and everyone has to squeeze standing up.

Dinner near our lodgings! Another yummy breaking-egg meal. :D

Haneda Airport

The next day, we headed down to Haneda Airport for our domestic flight to Hokkaido.

On the way to Haneda Airport.

Lunch at the Coffee Shop.

And then Rilakkuma came out for a walk!

This is me being an awesome combination of creepy fan, out of place, freakish giant, and awkward. OTL

Next up, a post full of pollen-y goodness!


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