Ottie posing by signage of The Filth and The Fury, Tokyo.

Tokyo: Shibuya Together

It was day 5 in Tokyo, and Ottie and I opted to stay in the city for the rest of our trip in Japan. We parked our luggage in a train station locker and spent a day lazily exploring the less-touristy spots in Shibuya. But mostly I just took photos of Ottie goofing around.

Oh hey, we took the less-traveled road out of Meiji Shrine:

Animated gif of Ottie goofing around in Tokyo.

Meiji forest outfit: Shein crushed velvet dress, Zaful gold lace choker, vintage gold seashell earring, Jucy Judy maroon coat, Tutuanna owl socks, Paperplanes white sneakers.

Forest portrait: vintage seashell earring, Shein velvet dress.

Forest portrait: vintage seashell earring, Shein velvet dress.

Construction facade showing the original structure in Meiji Shrine, Tokyo.We liked how the construction tarp showed the original facade. That was a very nice touch.

Carry-on luggage for 2 weeks in Tokyo.Here’s a picture that shows our luggage for the ten days that we spent in Japan – Ottie brought his backpack and duffle, while I brought my carry-on roller bag and a similar backpack (not pictured). I’m not sure about how well this will balance out with my outfit photos, but I’m hoping to bring even less for future journeys!

Walking on a blue overhead bridge in Harajuku, Tokyo.

Ottie posing by a wordy pink wall at Spark by Bubbles, Tokyo.Spark by Bubbles.

Ottie posing by signage of The Filth and The Fury, Tokyo.The Filth and The Fury.

Street art in Harajuku, Tokyo.

365 Nichi:

365 nichi bakery.

365 nichi bakery.

Bread to go from 365 Nichi, Tokyo.

Tasty chocolate bread from 365 Nichi, Tokyo.

Fethers x Goffa:

Fethers Goffa X, Tokyo.

Inside Fethers Goffa X, Tokyo.

Using Google Translate to read a Japanese-translated copy of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein from a bookshelf in Starbucks:

Earl Grey donut in Starbucks, Tokyo.

Book corner at a Starbucks in Tokyo.

Google Translate glitching at a Japanese copy of Shel Silverstein's 'The Giving Tree'.Pretty much summed up my thoughts of the relationship between the tree and the boy.

It was nice that we didn’t have to rush off anywhere, and thus got to check out some places that were recommended by friends. At the end of the day we found a hotel and asked if they had any available rooms for the night, but that’s another post for another time.

Shein velvet dress
Zaful lace choker
Jucy Judy coat
Vintage earring
Tutu Anna socks
Paperplanes sneakers

Outfit photos assisted by Ottie.

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